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Globalization Institute Scholarship

Within the framework of educational activity we decided to endow the Globalization Institute President Scholarship (Stypendium Prezesa Instytutu Globalizacji). Scholarship is not designated for ambitious and smart children, but for sick, handicapped children with little chances for brighter tomorrow. The statute of the stipendiary program of Globalization Institute can be found below.


Applications for the scholarship should be sent to instytut@globalizacja.org


The statute of Globalization Institute Scholarship




The Statute defines the rules of the scholarship program whose aim is financial help to pupils and students. The scholarship might be academic and/or social.


Article 1 – General conclusion

  1. Scholarship program is managed by the Foundation Management.

  2. Scholarships are awarded unanimously by the members of the Foundation Management.

  3. Scholarships are awarded upon applications in accordance with the Statute.

  4. Donator of the scholarship program might be the Foundation or every natural person, legal body or an individual with no legal status.


Article 2 – Individuals entitled to benefit from scholarship

  1. Applicants might be pupils and students studying at Polish and foreign schools, middle schools, high schools and universities.

  2. Scholarship is awarded upon application sent to the Foundation address. An application should be prepared individually.


Article 3 – Rules of awarding a scholarship

  1. Scholarship is awarded for the period of 6 months.

  2. Scholarship is paid in monthly payments.

  3. The amount of scholarship is equal to 300 PLN monthly.

  4. The number of scholarship awarded each half year depends on the financial situation of the Foundation.

  5. Applications should be sent at the latest before 1st June for scholarships for 2nd half of the year or before 1st December for scholarships for 1st half of the year.

  6. Award of scholarship is notified by Foundation Management.


Article 4 – Final remarks

  1. Possibility of appeal from a management decision does not exist.



2009 - Mateusz Kalinowski, Słupy
2010 - Paulina Klampko, Ścinawa Mała