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During just couple of years of activity Globalization Institute became the recognizable mark and it is valued by decision makers, politicians, experts and journalists.


In three years we have noticed over 1000 quotes in media.


We published hundreds comments and articles in such newspapers as "Rzeczpospolita", "Dziennik", "Polska The Times", "Wprost", "Newsweek", "Gazeta Polska" and "The Warsaw Business Journal". Our experts were also guests in TVP, Polskie Radio, TVN CNBC, Polsat, TV Biznes and many more.


We took part in many international conferences inter alia in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Brussels, Vienna, Hamburg, Bucharest, Geneva and Poland, for example during Economic Forum in Krynica.


In 2009 we received a distinction for the best non-governmental organization awarded by "Gazeta Finansowa".


In 2009 we were awarded international reward Templeton Freedom Award by ATLAS Economic Research Foundation in “Ethics and values” category.