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Globalization Institute was founded on 10th May 2006 in Gliwice, Poland.


The founders of the institute are Dr. Tomasz Teluk, an economic expert and a publicist and Dr. Tomasz Sommer, a journalist and a publisher. The institute is a private venture and its foundation was financed with private savings of its founders.


By founding Globalization Institute we wanted to establish an organization which would significantly influence public life in Poland and would take part in international projects defending freedom of individual, the rules of free market, property rights and traditional Christian values.


Since the beginning Globalization Institute has been a part of the two biggest free market networks gathering the institutes of public affairs American ATLAS Economic Research Foundation and European Stockholm Network. We work with leading foreign organizations CATO Institute, Centre for the New Europe, Institute of World Politics and Heritage Foundation.


Our organization is the place where we educate society about free market keeping in mind traditional Catholic Church Social Teaching. We were inspired by works of economics classics Ludwig von Mises, F.A. von Hayek and Milton Friedman, but most of all by the Bible, legacy of Scholasticism, social teaching of John Paul II and Benedict XVI and the documents of Papal Council Iustitia et Pax.


The free economy should be limited only by the rules expressed in Decalogue. In such a situation human-person would be the purpose and the most important part of the market system. We think that market is better at solving social issues than a state. We accept the minimal state, but we work against the bureaucratic growth of a state and its functions.