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Liberty Camp

The Globalization Institute is happy to announce that the Liberty English Camp will be organized this summer in Poland. We are welcoming liberty-minded students from many different countries to Milówka, a small town that lies among beautiful mountains of Beskid Żywiecki, close to Czech and Slovak border. We strongly encourage you to take part in this fantastic project. Please register at our website, and make your summer an adventure of Liberty!

The Camp will start on July 2st and finish on July 7th.

What is the Liberty Camp?

  • The purpose of the Liberty Camp is to explore liberty from various perspectives - economics, philosophy, history and law - while practicing English. Liberty is a precondition for a sustainable and prosperous society, but the creation of wealth is only possible thanks to entrepreneurs.
  • We will examine the critical role of the entrepreneur in society, and how to create the best conditions for entrepreneurship. Whether you are a potential entrepreneur, translator, philosopher, economist, or political activist, you will benefit from learning how to set personal goals, increase your freedom, and communicate these ideas to the others. Our staff bring a wealth of knowledge in all these areas, as well as years of experience with these camps. They will not only teach, but also stimulate discussion and inspire and advise you. 
  • We will also discuss the causes of the current global economic crisis, and potential solutions.
  • One of the goals of the camp is to improve participants' English language skills. This means that the camp is an especially good choice if you are not fluent yet in English. Small group discussions will encourage you to "just start talking". The teachers are experienced in giving lectures to foreigners, and their speech is clear and understandable. We assume that you are not fluent in English, but you are also not a beginner. That is, you already have some practice speaking English, and can read and write simple text.
  • The first of the camps was organized 13 years ago in Lithuania. The organizers and instructors have years of experience with the camps.
  • Last year we had participants from Poland (large part), Iraq, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. This year we also expect students from Germany and France.
  • There is no upper age limit, but we do ask that participants be at least 17 years of age so that we can address more complex subjects.

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