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Mission and aims

Globalization Institute is the independent institute of public affairs with foundation status.


Our mission is the deregulation of the economy.


Our aims are:

  1. Promoting positive aspects of globalization related to civilization growth, growth of individual welfare and the reduction of poverty in the world.

  2. Educational and scientific activities in social sciences field.

  3. Supporting actions promoting free market that are agreeable with Christian ethics.


Globalization Institute accomplishes the aims through:

  1. Realization, organization and financing: reports, expertise, analysis, comments, publications and also conferences, debates, trainings, educational actions.

  2. Publishing.
  3. Maintaining news services in the Internet.

  4. Cooperation with media by preparing and distributing press materials.

  5. Cooperation with analogous institutions in Poland and all over the world.

  6. Cooperation with private enterprises.

  7. Cooperation with universities and other educational organizations.

  8. Information activity referring to politicians, a state and European Union authorities.