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Globalization Institute Club

Globalization Institute was founded in 2006 as an independent research institute, with the foundation status. Our mission is the deregulation of the economy. We teach Polish people free-market economy taking into account a traditional teaching of Catholic Church. We believe the free-market economy should be limited by Decalogue orders only. The man should be an aim and the most important element of market system.

Our mission we fulfills by a different ways. We develop its educational aspect by issuing books, writing hundreds of articles, organizing discussions, panels and elite Globalization Institute Breakfasts. Political aspect of our mission are expert reports, taking part in international and home conferences and series of successful campaigns (for example: “Freedom for dreams, freedom for credits”).

After 3 years of our activity we are still hungry of successes! We did so much having so austere budget (from a few people donations). Now we want to achieve more by increasing our scope! In public education and in expert influence in politics.

That is why in November 2009 we have established Institute Globalization Friends Club in order to widen the base of donors. As we know – more legs the table has, more steady it is.  That is why we want to start with a model of dispersed financing – small donations.
You can support our activity by sending any payment on the following account:
58 1050 1298 1000 0090 6655 2622 
ING Bank Śląski S.A.
ul. Sokolska 34 
40-086 Katowice

Thank you!

3 years of our activity are in front of us. We want to develop our educational publishing offer – camps for youth, “Unknown genocide” new educational program about Stalin’s atrocity on Polish people between 1936-1939 and we plan to open our branch in Warsaw! That is why we invite all of you for who economic freedom and Catholicism is important to join to elite body of our club members. There are two categories of club members:

Regular club member
Amount: 20-100 zł a month
Privileges: we direct it to pupils, students and individuals. Globalization Institute regular club member can take part in confined Globalization Institute Discussion Forum. Moreover he has a full access to internet contents and 20 per cent discount for Globalization Institute publications.

VIP club member
Amount: over 300 zł a month
Privileges: we direct it to companies and businessmen who want to have a fix relations with the Institute. VIP club member has the same privileges as regular club member and moreover: free entrance on Globalization Institute Breakfasts, free Institute’s publications and 50 per cent discount for all events organized by the Institute.

Poland deserves on transparent free market with Christian values. Politicians and their acts will not introduce it next day. What is our strategy? We want to change the way of thinking permanently what will change not only acts, but real manners also. That is why we are – that is why we teach and press. That is why we are worth of you support! See you in a club!

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