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Scientific Board:


  • Professor Marek Chodakiewicz, North America

  • Tomasz Teluk, Ph.D., European Union, Poland

  • Tomasz Sommer, Ph.D., European Union, Poland

  • Jacek Spendel, European Union, Poland

  • Marek Łangalis, European Union, Poland

  • Radosław Pyffel, Asia

  • Wojciech Grzelak, Ph.D., Russia

  • Tomasz Cukiernik, Australia & Oceania

  • Rev. Professor Jerzy Katolo


Tim Evans, Ph.D. is the President of the UK's second oldest free market think tank, the Libertarian Alliance (www.libertarian.co.uk) and former President and Director General of the Centre for the New Europe (2002-2005). Prior to that, in 1991-1992, he was the Chief Economic and Political Adviser to the Slovak Prime Minister - Dr. Jan Carnogursky. In 1993 he received his Ph.D. from the London School of Economics. In early 2007 he was honored by being elected a member of the Mont Pelerin Society - the prestigious society for the world's leading 500 classical liberal economists. A regular commentator on television and radio, his articles have appeared in "Guardian", "Economist", "Financial Times", "Wall Street Journal Europe" and a host of other newspapers around the world.

Marian L. Tupy, Ph.D. is an assistant director of the Project on Global Economic Liberty at the Cato Institute and a policy analyst with the Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity specializing in the study of Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. His articles have been published in a various American and overseas newspapers. He received his Ph.D. in international relations from the University of St. Andrews in Great Britain.

Ana Eiras, Ph.D. specializes in international economics and development as a senior policy analyst in the Center for International Trade and Economics at The Heritage Foundation. She focuses on economic freedom, globalization, and trade issues. She is an author of the Index of Economic Freedom, published annually by Heritage Foundation and “The Wall Street Journal”. She has been published and quoted in leading newspapers around the world and has given commentaries on radio and TV in the USA, Latin America and Europe.

Todd Kruse is a founding partner and President of Thought Leadership Management, LLC, a public affairs consulting firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and a Senior Director of the Regional Field Teams in American Legislative Exchange Council. He is also one of the co-founders of the Uhuru Policy Group, which is focused on free market solutions for the African nations.

Professor Vladimir Bukovsky is a well-known Russian dissident and human rights fighter, he graduated from the Cambridge University and received his Ph.D. from the Stanford University. During 60s and 70s he was a political prisoner in USSR. Since 1976 he has been living in Great Britain, he cooperated with the Cambridge University. He is a radical anti-comumnist, free market advocate. He is an author of “And the Wind Returns”, “Moscow Process”.

Professor Marek Jan Chodkiewicz is a historian specializing in a history of Central Europe. He graduated from the San Francisco State University, received his Ph.D. from the Colombia University. Currently, he works at the Institute of World Politics in Washington, DC. In 2005 president Bush appointed him to serve in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. In 2003, prof. Chodakiewicz became a laureate of Józef Mackiewicz Literary Award for his book “Ejszyszki”.

Richard Prebble is one of the architects of New Zealand economic recovery during 1980. He was a MP for a long time and a minister of different departments. He advocated the privatization of the public property, the deregulation, the abolition of import licensing and all the state’s subsidies and the cut of tariffs and taxes. He reformed railways, port industry, airways, telecommunication and broadcasting. Between 1996 and 2005 he was a leader of ACT party, which promotes free market policy. He is an author of some bestsellers: “I’ve Been Thinking”, “I’ve Been Writing”, “What Happens Next”, “Now It’s Time to Act” and “Out of the Red”.

Roger Kerr is the Executive Director of the New Zealand Business Roundtable based in Wellington, New Zealand. He was a senior figure in both the New Zealand Treasury and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Kerr has spent much of his career working to improve the quality of economic policy debate in New Zealand. He is widely published both in New Zealand and abroad.

Tanja Štumberger is both research associate and manager of external relations at the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C. In addition, Štumberger is executive director of the Liberty Seminars in Slovenia, her native country. Štumberger is also actively involved with The Fund for American Studies, serving on the alumni council as the only international member. As an undergraduate, Štumberger studied Applied Economics at both the University of Maribor and the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels. She continued her education with graduate studies in American Political Science at both the University of Ljubljana and Georgetown University.


Glenn E. Cripe is the founder and executive director of the Language of Liberty Institute (www.languageofliberty.org), an American NGO whose mission is to bring the tools of freedom to students in developing countries. Their primary activity is organizing week-long summer camps where students practice English conversation with native speakers, explore classical liberal philosophy and economics, and learn how to apply the principles in daily life.

Professor Thomas Rustici is an instructor and head of undergraduate development for the economics department. He holds master's degrees in economics and public policy from George Mason University. He is the editor and co-author of a series of free market books for high school students that will accompany a video series by John Stossel of ABC. Dr. Rustici has also published in the "Cato Journal", "The Free Market", and "Religion and Liberty".

Tomasz Teluk, Ph.D. is a policy analyst. He received Ph.D. at the Jagiellonian University. Teluk served as an economic analyst in the Centre for the New Europe in Brussels and in the Adam Smith Center in Warsaw. He is a founder and president of the Globalization Institute. Additionally, Teluk is a columnist and author of the following books: ”E-biusiness, a New Economy” (2002), ”IT in a Firm” (2004) and ”Libertarianism. A Theory of State” (2006) and co-author of “State of the Union” (2005), “Theft and the Economic Development” (2006), “Report about the Health Care in Poland” (2006). His commentaries have been published in "Rzeczpospolita", "Wprost", "Dziennik", "Forbes", TVP, Polish Radio, BBC, Radio Netherlands, Lithuanian Radio, TCSDaily.com and many more.

Tomasz Sommer, Ph.D. received his academic title in sociology at the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is an owner of ”Najwyższy CZAS!” weekly magazine and a columnist. Few years ago Sommer organized international eurosceptical conferences. He is a co-owner of 3S Media publishing house and 2S Media trade company. He is also a co-editor of “GIGA Sport” youth monthly, an author of “Can the taxes be justified?” and co-author of “There is a life outside the European Union”.

Jacek Spendel graduated in sociology at the University of Silesia. Jacek was president of the KoLiber Association. In fall 2009 he studied at the Georgetown University and served as an intern for the Eastman Kodak Company. Earlier, Jacek worked for Institute for Free Enterprise based in Berlin. He was main organizer of the Liberty English Camps in Poland in 2008 and 2009.


Marek Łangalis is an economist and entrepreneur. He received his master degree at both Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Economics at the University of Gdańsk. Łangalis is an author of a number of articles from the field of economy and markets.

Radosław Pyffel is a Ph.D. student at Polish Academy of Sciences, an academic worker at Business Higher School in Nowy Sącz, a columnist, a consultant and trainings’ author regarding Chinese market. He represented and cooperated with Polish companies from Far East. He fluently speaks English and Mandarin.

Wojciech Grzelak, Ph.D. is a scientist and businessman relevant with Russia. He is an author of a number of reports and popular scientific articles regarding Russian affairs in Polish, American and Russian press. He is a member of Polish Emigrants Club for Economical Cooperation, Wrocław Business Promotion Center, and active participant of International Polish Emigrants Economic Conferences. In 2005 he became a laureate of “Poland’s Ambassador” award.

Tomasz Cukiernik is a lawyer, Ph.D. student at the Cracow University of Economics (Ph.D. thesis regarding free market reforms in New Zealand). His articles have been published in "Rzeczpospolita", "Wprost", "Najwyższy CZAS!", "Opcja na Prawo" and other magazines. He was a commentator in "Idź Pod Prąd", an proofreader in Fijorr Publishing, an author of "Rightwing state conception - doctrine and practice" and co-author of "Throughout the world" travel series.

Rev. Professor Jerzy Katolo is professor of moral theology at the Philosophical-Theological Institute Cosentino Redemptoris Custos in Rende, Italy. He specializes in bioethics, co-authored Encyclopedia of Bioethics, and wrote more than 100 scientific papers on protection of human life, family studies, and catholic morality. Rev. Professor Katolo is member of Human Life International and president od Polish-Italian Cultural Association in Cosenza, Italy.

Maciej Gnyszka studies architecture at the University of
Warsaw and architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology. In his younger days, he was awarded with scholarship by the Prime Minister of Poland, Ministry of Education, National Children Fund, and Batuz Foundation. Currently he works as a fundraiser, entrepreneur, and blogger. His firm, Gnyszka Fundraising Advisors, is working on development of GI finances. His interests concentrate on world's major issues: teology, sociology, and economy. As an architect he is going to design great buildings. As fundraiser, in public sphere, he is going to design great and stable institutions.

Lawrence W. Reed is a president of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). Before joining FEE, Reed served as president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a Midland, Michigan based free-market think tank. Reed's interests in political and economic affairs have taken him as a freelance journalist to 69 countries on six continents. Over the past twenty-five years, he has reported on hyperinflation in South America, black markets from behind the Iron Curtain, reforms and repression in China and Cambodia, and civil war inside Nicaragua and Mozambique. Additionally, he spent time with the Contra rebels during the Nicaraguan civil war; and lived for two weeks with Mozambique rebel forces at their bush headquarters in 1991, while the country was engaged at the height of their guerrilla conflict. In 1986, while traveling with the Polish anti-communist underground, Reed was arrested and detained by border police. Nowadays, Lawrence Reed is writing a blog on the web-site of The National Bank of Poland: http://www.obserwatorfinansowy.pl/category/blogi/lawrence-reed/